TU1103 : Operation and safety of tramways in interaction with public space

Welcome to TU1103’s website !

"TU1103" is a COST(1) Action, dealing with safety of urban tramways in relation with other uses of public roads and spaces.
Various partners from more 15 European countries were currently involved in this Action, which is now closed :

  • An official presentation of the Action is available on COST website
  • A final conference was held on 29 September 2015 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) more information here!
  • Our final deliverables are now available on this website.

(1) To get general information about the COST framework and actions which are supported by, you may go to the COST website.

Despite COST Action is closed, we try to keep up our networking activities about the tu1003 topics through the " Urban Tram Forum"...

Then, the 1st meeting did take place in Lyon (France) on 3 & 4 November 2016 => more information here ! (free access !)

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  • Minutes

    in progress ...,
    16 November 2016
  • Agenda & documentation

    Workshops Here is the list of proposed topics, for wich a (...),
    2 November 2016
  • Optional visit : "Navly" autonomous shuttle

    As some attendees asked about it, here are a few details about (...),
    27 October 2016
  • Meeting places

    The Get together lunch is set up in "L’assiette du gone" (...),
    16 November 2016
  • Schedule

    The meeting will take place in Cerema/TV’s building, located close (...),
    2 November 2016

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